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More companies are discovering the importance and benefits of having a website. When your company has a website, you have full authority on what content you want to put out and the message that you want to share to the public.

What many people forget is that the challenge is not only during the web design and development stages. The challenge is keeping your website running and healthy to give your customers consistently excellent user experience. One way to do that is through getting regular website audits. 

What is a website audit, and why do you need it? In this article, you will find the basics of a website audit, the types, and why you need it:

What is a website audit?

A website audit is an examination of the current state of your website. This process will check your website’s user experience, user engagement, functionality, and overall website health. When you get a website audit, you can also test your page performance and see how it translates to large-scale optimisations or website redesigns.

When your website developer has an assessment of your website’s current effectiveness, they can make necessary adjustments and improvements regarding specific issues of your site. That will ultimately improve a client’s user experience.

What are the different types of website audits?

Getting a full website audit is excellent but not entirely necessary. Different types of website audits focus on various aspects of a site so that your team can only work on these issues and resolve them immediately. Here are the typical examples of website audits:

  • Technical Audit

This type of audit focuses on website visibility and if your website meets all search engine requirements. Your web developers will check if your codes and requirements allow your website to be searchable and if links will redirect a user to your page with ease.

  • SEO Audit

If your company employs digital marketing like SEO, it is best to get an SEO audit. This type of examination allows you to check if your website is optimised for search engines through keywords, metadata, image and video optimisation, and more. 

When you use SEO marketing strategies, you will need to make sure that your website can handle the searches and traffic you will get from clients.

  • Content Audit

A content audit is similar to SEO audit, but it focuses on the stand-alone content for your website. A content audit examines how your audience receives your message and content. That will help you make necessary changes with the content you are putting out.

Why do I need to get a website audit?

One of the primary reasons you should get a website audit is to improve the user experience when people visit your website. Getting a website audit will help you find errors and areas on your website that need improvement.

Most websites are not optimised and have poor navigation design. Poor navigation design includes overlinking, no search buttons, and overcrowding of website elements. When your website has these issues, it can cause many visitors to bounce from your site. To top it all off, if your website is not optimised, it will lead to slow loading and cause frustration for your clients.

Another essential issue that website audits tackle is to check if your website is at risk of getting penalised by search engines. When companies use SEO marketing strategies to drive people to their website, they sometimes forget to follow specific requirements. Website audits help find these errors and resolve them immediately before you get penalised.


Web design and development is only one part of the process when you decide to build a website for your company. Once your website goes live, that is when all the hidden issues will arise, and the challenge is to keep them from happening on your website. Because user experience is an element your company should prioritise, getting regular website audits is a must. That will make sure that your company’s site will stay healthy and continue to make your users happy.

Orange Squash Agency is a digital marketing agency that specialises in website design and development, digital marketing, and brand strategy. We pride ourselves in providing expert skills and advice to our customers to help them build their company online. Talk to us and get a free website audit today!

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