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One of the biggest changes your business can go through is when you decide to rebrand. The thought of rebranding can frighten many business owners because many people associate rebranding with a myth saying that this is a company’s response to an internal crisis. However, this knowledge is false and can be dangerous for your business if you believe it. 

In some cases, rebranding is essential to help keep a business in operation. It is a vital tool that shows your company is adjusting and is staying ahead of the competition, especially in the middle of a pandemic. 

Because of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are forced to make major adjustments to keep their company afloat. Companies are being pushed to rebrand since most products are becoming less practical in times of social distancing. 

Rebranding won’t only help you during a crisis, but it can help shift how consumers see your brand. This is effective when you rebrand your company by focusing on the collective, what we’re all going through, and how we can move forward as a community. 

In this article, we’ll be sharing important lessons that you may use when you decide on changing your company’s branding in the time of COVID-19.

Prioritise the importance of community

One of the biggest hurdles of this pandemic is that people are forced to practice social distancing, which can significantly affect your connection with other people. Connection is incredibly vital during these times of uncertainty. A great way to aid this is by creating a community-centred brand. 

When you’re rebranding, make sure you prioritise creating a relationship with your consumers and building a community that will attract long-term and loyal customers. Bringing people together and creating a community will help boost your brand’s morale and give you a successful company rebrand. 

Find ways to give back

As mentioned earlier, solidarity during the pandemic is essential. When you’re changing your company’s purpose and branding, you need to remember that the community you’re building and helping is vital during these times.

You can give back to the community by expressing unity with a social movement, educating your consumers through informative collateral and donating to a good cause. You should remember that when it comes to rebranding during a crisis, it is important that you don’t remain silent and to help out as much as you could.

Reevaluate your products and services

Since the pandemic, many products and services aren’t needed by many. Because of this, you’ll have to reevaluate what your company offers and how you can shift and diversify them to fit the new normal.

During your rebranding process, sit down with your team and think of ways on how your brand and products can stay resilient during these turbulent times. Discuss what you can improve on, what you should let go of and how to stay competitive in the market. 

Continue telling a story

The great thing about digital marketing today is that more people are online and willing to absorb any information that can help them through this crisis. When you’re rebranding, remember that the best way to reach people is by telling them stories and inspiring them.

By focusing on creating marketing material focused on real connections, unity and healing, you will successfully touch people’s hearts and continue to educate and inspire through your brand. Since everything and everyone is going digital, you’ll be able to reach and connect to people more, especially with the help of social media. 


Having a successful rebranding heavily relies on how you’re adjusting to the current global crisis. Many people think that rebranding is only changing your logo design and other graphic design-related material. Although these are important, it is more crucial that you inject lessons about community, solidarity and connection when you’re changing your company’s branding. This way, you’ll be able to reach people more and ultimately help keep your business moving in the middle of a pandemic. 

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