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Thousands of retail businesses have been badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. While some shops have found a way to continue running their company by migrating online, others couldn’t make it and had to close down for good.

Because of the rampant fear brought by the pandemic, consumers are now relying heavily on online shopping. Since people are stuck at home and fear going out, plenty of stores took advantage of digital marketing, learning to survive and make do with what they have. 

One strategy to consider if you want to improve your chances of keeping your retail business is through email marketing. By sending out carefully picked out promotions and messages to your clients, you can enhance their customer experience and gain more sales. If you want to find out how to optimise email strategy for your retail business, keep reading below.

Focus on Your Customers’ Needs 

Email marketing has long been used by businesses belonging to various industries, helping companies to reach out to a long list of consumers and sending messages focused on promotion and sales. While it’s possible to personalise emails, doing so simply isn’t enough to keep your customers hooked. Now, you have to do even better than before just to keep their attention.

Online consumers appreciate emails that have context and relevance. At present, they want to receive campaigns they can relate to, especially those that show empathy for their current situation. Instead of focusing on promoting your products or services, you now have to centre around your customers’ needs and study their behaviour and preferred trends.

If you receive replies and queries, it’s your job to become responsive so as not to keep them waiting. Instead of forcing your ad campaigns on your customers, you have to let them come to you, with you simply guiding them until they find particularly what they want.

By relying on customer insights and the latest trends, you can come up with effective campaigns based on gathered information on what users are interested in. In turn, tailoring customer experience to each of your client’s wishes can benefit your retail company. 

Create Valuable Connections

While brands continue to deliver mass emails to promote products and services, some have learned to develop creative ways not to make them seem like they’re trying too hard to sell out. One way to up your email marketing game is by providing entertainment and value to people subscribed on your mailing list. 

You can consider thinking of unique ways to improve your engagement and form a deeper connection with your customers, like sharing relevant articles or interesting topics. Curating your emails based on your customers’ preferences can add value to your brand and prove that you’re sending emails not just to promote your products but to prove that you care.

Consumers are now more inclined to support retail businesses that place greater effort to reach out to their loyal customers and build relationships rather than focusing on their products. People aren’t purely interested in what you have to sell anymore, but rather, how you sell it.

Retail companies should realise that people crave a deeper connection. That’s why it would help if you considered introducing the backbone of your company to your subscribers, embodying corporate social responsibility, and convincing customers to support your endeavour.

Keep Track of Your Customers’ Insights

Being ordered to stay home for an indefinite period has significantly affected consumers, particularly with their behaviour when it comes to purchasing products and supporting brands. Retail businesses are now struggling to minimise risks when it comes to relying on previous data and outdated marketing strategies.

With the customer data you’ve accumulated through the years since you first established your retail business, you can use the information you have to understand your customer’s behaviour. Doing so can help you develop an updated email experience and create meaningful insights.

You can continue depending on modern technology to keep your business running and send out modernised email campaigns bearing the latest consumer trends. By personalising your emails, you get to target the right customers showing what they want to hear. 

If you don’t know how to assess your reports and customer analysis, you can seek the guidance of a marketing agency to help you utilise technology and apply your resources accordingly. Knowing what works for your retail business can ultimately boost your customer experience in the long run.  


Retail businesses can only make ends meet by coming up with ways to improve offline and online customer experience. Being aware of your customer behaviour, including their likes and dislikes, can help your brand stay afloat in these trying times. As long as you rely on building connections, creating relevance, and showing value in what you do, you can learn to understand how to truly keep yourself relevant in the market of your consumers.

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