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If you’re planning to start a new business or making a significant brand overhaul, don’t rush into focusing on your visual identity. Logos are important, but finding your brand voice is the first step to establishing your company identity. 

You need to determine who you are as a brand, how you would like people to see you, and how you would communicate with your audience. These will significantly influence your succeeding marketing strategies.

Finding your brand voice is not a simple thing to accomplish. It requires a great deal of thorough deliberation and self-reflection. This post outlines basic guidelines and tips on how you can effectively identify who you are and what your company stands for.

Before you start brainstorming

Before you gather your team for brainstorming, take the time alone to go through the basics of brand strategy. Consider these three things: your brand heart, personas, and competitive analysis. 

Your brand heart is a statement of your core beliefs. Identify your company’s purpose, mission and vision, and values. These make up your inner core, and your brand voice will be the tool to express it. 

For instance, your eco-friendly furniture company’s focus is all about being sustainable and using ethically-sourced materials to save the planet and build up the community. Your brand voice shouldn’t sound as glaring and aggressive.

Next, create your personas. They will help you identify which audience you are trying to attract. Your brand voice’s tone and how you engage with your potential customers depend on knowing your target audience. 

Finally, run a competitive analysis. Determine your competitors and pinpoint ways of how you can be different. 

Once you have covered these three things, it’s time to think about your brand voice. Begin by asking these four questions:

1. How would we describe our brand in three simple adjectives?

This is a good starting point to ask your team. List all answers so you can narrow down to the most compelling attributes. 

2. How do we want people to feel when they engage with our brand?

Go back to your mission and vision. Think of what your company is offering to the market in terms of your products and services. They should create an emotional connection with your potential customers. For example, if you are providing security services, your brand voice should be confident and authoritative, but also assuring. When you communicate with your clients, you want them to feel safe and protected.

3. How can we be different from our competition?

In any business, it’s crucial to stand out from your competition. Your brand voice should also be distinct, so you can better attract your target audience.

4. What is another brand which resonates with ours?

While it’s essential to differentiate yourself from your competitors, it’s also good to appreciate your counterparts. They may share your same field or be in a different industry. By enumerating your reasons for identifying with them, you can learn from their successful strategies.

Final Word

Finding your brand voice should not be a hunt. It already exists. It’s in you and your company’s core. The key is uncovering it so you can share it with the world. 

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