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Marketing is a dynamic industry, and what worked just several years ago might not be effective today. For instance, online marketing strategies have changed drastically in just two years. If you’re struggling with branding and failing to attract new customers, it might be time to review your practices. Here are some trends in digital marketing that could help you improve your engagement and win more conversions.

Push notifications in browsers

A push notification is an onscreen alert, badge, sound, or a combination of these that inform users of updates. If you have an app, or if users have enabled push notifications for your website, they will get updates about your business without needing to pull up your website or opening their phone.

You can use push notifications in your digital marketing strategy by having alerts for special offers, limited sales, and other calls to action. Push notifications can even prompt users or frequent visitors to return to an abandoned cart or complete a process they left hanging on your app or website.

Video content and advertisements

Video marketing is great at driving engagement and click-through rates. Since it’s easy to consume, you can break down a complex process or solve a persistent customer problem through a video. This medium is also friendlier to mobile devices—it’s easier to watch a clip on a smartphone than to read a wall of tiny text.

There are also various video platforms available, like YouTube, Vimeo, and live broadcast options on social media platforms. You can create a page for your brand on these platforms and leverage the existing audience, pulling your target market in through well-crafted videos.

Advertising through shoppable posts

Shoppable posts—social media updates that allow the user to buy on the spot—are becoming more popular with both users and brands. Social commerce does the heavy lifting for branding; it increases awareness and serves as a prompt for conversion. Instagram’s integrated checkout, for example, makes marketing, shopping and payment easy for people on the app. 

With a shoppable post, you don’t need to leave the app; you can buy an item on the spot and keep scrolling. Major social platforms already use shoppable posts, and it looks like they will be a feature of more ad campaigns in the future.

User-generated, interactive content

Digital marketing relies on user-generated, interactive content. In 2020, companies and businesses no longer control their marketing message 100 per cent. Nor do they want to; brands actively solicit user-generated posts and contributions that fit in with their strategy. A simple hashtag can be the rallying point of a viral marketing campaign for a company, and people can jump in with their own stories, videos, and pictures incorporating the hashtag.

The lines are blurrier today between company and user, and your customers control your message to an extent. Instead of resisting it, a business should cultivate this relationship—it creates more brand loyalty, especially since it fosters a sense of belonging.


The internet has changed the game for marketers everywhere. Small and medium businesses, startups, and bootstrapping companies have a good chance of succeeding. Through digital marketing, they can gain an audience, cultivate relationships with customers, and thrive, something that would have been challenging if they only had traditional marketing channels.

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