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Modern technology has opened up many opportunities for brands to improve their presentations. A company need not limit itself to print and static images; today, they can use animated logos and videos to help them be more memorable to audiences. An animated logo is not just a spacefiller for the start and end of videos.

Below are four reasons why it is important for brands to have an animated logo.

#1 – They can tell your story quickly.

Having an animated logo is a chance to present your company in three seconds or less. When done well, this is a great chance to make a good impact. Your logo is the first point of contact most people have with your company, so you would want to get them excited to learn more about you. Animating your logo gives you the chance to hold their attention longer while letting you slip in a thing or two about your brand’s identity.

#2 – Viewers’ emotions are prompted by videos.

If you are a fan of movie franchises, you might be familiar with that rush of anticipation at the start of a film, when the studio’s logo starts playing. You might also get that same excitement when you turn on a brand-new mobile and your favourite electronics company’s logo appears onscreen. Animated logos can trigger excitement or intrigue in the target audience, and lets them associate positive feelings with the brand.

#3 – An animated logo is versatile.

An animated logo can be used in different ways. It can be part of your social media pages, as the display or banner photo. It can also serve as an introductory or ending clip to your videos. You could also have it on your company website, or as part of your signature in official emails. An animated logo can also be shown on a screen in your lobby or the outer room of your physical offices played on loop with other promotional materials. 

#4 – It is cost-effective to make.

Marketing and public relations budgets can quickly balloon, especially for a company that is trying to get the word out about itself. Having an animated logo is an inexpensive way to add some excitement to a company video. Since the logo is one of the most visible parts of a brand, it is unlikely that the animated logo will need changing soon after its launch.

Logo animation is an inexpensive, dynamic way to get people interested in your company. Marketers today are competing for consumers’ attention with a thousand other products, and a good way to hold that attention is with a well-designed animated logo.

It is important to hire a logo designer who understands your company’s needs. Their goal should be to make you an animated logo that tells others what your brand is in as little time as possible. When you hire a designer who is knowledgeable in branding and digital marketing, you can rest assured that you will both be on the same page about your logo

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