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Although 2020 became an unprecedented disaster, businesses all over the world continue to fight against the norm. The huge change has accelerated the wave of the digital revolution after all, as people now turn to the online world for connections lost in the real world. Digital marketing has undoubtedly been growing over the past couple of years, but today it has become a prerequisite for growth and survival, especially in a constantly changing market.

Digital marketing, no matter the context, requires an impeccable plan to carry out campaigns effectively. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to achieve. Devising comprehensive digital marketing remains to be a pain point for many businesses, particularly those new to the venture. With limited resources and a pandemic to watch out for, articulating plans has become yet another struggle.

Luckily, there are ways to maximise budgets and make the most out of plans. If you’re looking for ways to boost your digital footprint and achieve the rest of your goals, here are some digital marketing strategies you need to embrace: 

Strategy #1: Seek the help of chatbots

The lifeline of any business is their customers—as such, hiring teams to fulfil quality customer service has always been the norm, where representatives are tasked to answer each query and problem posed by customers. Although still undoubtedly vital, hiring staff is steadily becoming obsolete. 

Chatbots have now taken over the job, designed to serve and interact with your customers faster and more efficiently. They are smarter, as they can handle and resolve issues quickly without human intervention. Gathering information is also a perk, as they are imbued with systems that recognize and validate data they need to provide seamless and reliable service.

Strategy #2: Look into paid advertising

You may have the world’s best digital marketing campaigns, but paid advertising is always a realm worth pursuing. It drives the online world today, especially since billions of active users are rampant on social media. For this reason, paid advertisements came into being. 

You will need to stipulate a budget to accomplish this, but the best part about paid advertising is that they’re always friendly for small businesses. Should you wish to invest, look into social media giants, such as Instagram and Facebook. These platforms provide you with a diverse demographic, along with advertisement options to choose from. 

Strategy #3: Embrace video marketing 

Content remains to be the digital world’s most compelling currency, particularly when it comes to videos. Video marketing has taken the world by storm, particularly because it saves time and effort. Today’s audiences operate with limited attention spans and impatience, believing that information should readily be accessible at mere tapping of buttons. While 2000-word blog posts remain of value, they seek for more engagement and interaction. 

By investing in video marketing, you’re able to tap into new markets and convince existing audiences to listen to your messages, ultimately converting them into paying customers. In the COVID-19 landscape where everything is done digitally and people are online more than ever, a single video can mean the world for your brand—an entire campaign will help you soar into new heights. 

The Bottom Line

In a world suffering from unpredictability and instability, most have found comfort in the online world. This has changed the digital marketing landscape forever, as it has propelled the practice in ways no one has ever seen before. This only goes to show the power digital marketing wields—bear in mind that it will be constantly changing, and only those brave enough to embrace innovation and change will be rewarded. It may not seem like it now, but all your digital efforts will pay off, especially when the world returns to normal. 

Even the best requires the help of others, however. If you’re on the hunt for a digital marketing agency in the UK, Orange Squash Agency is the place to go. We become your own digital marketing department, offering you a wide range of services tailored to your needs. 

With over 19 years of industry experience, we’ll help you achieve that digital presence you deserve. Let’s talk business—reach out today!

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