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John James

Waverley, Director


“Orange Squash has been an integral part of our growth over the past few years. Craig’s clear thinking and expertise in digital marketing was obvious from the first meeting. He was able to help us set realistic goals for our website performance and map out a logical path towards achieving those goals which is resulting in turning our website into a lead generating ‘machine’. His knowledge of how social media and SEO works and his consistent approach has positioned us as a leader in our industry as well as putting us high up the Google rankings for our most relevant search terms. I would recommend Craig – he represents excellent value giving the same expertise and better personal service than other marketing companies we have tried.”


With over 30 years of technical expertise, Waverley has a proud history working alongside architects and contractors on the manufacture and installation of internal blinds & solar shading systems, performance drapes & curtains and external canopies within education, healthcare, commercial and non-residential environments.

They have always focused on the commercial market so it was key to look at ways to reach that audience and filter out the household market. Their niche was definitely in producing high quality, commercial blinds, curtains and canopies.

Waverley are excellent at what they do. They take their attention to detail highly seriously so they needed an online platform that could show this off.

The problem

Waverley needed to build a complete online presence from a new website, social media accounts and an ongoing digital marketing plan.

They had little experience of growing a business online and had a small digital customer base. They had built a great reputation in their market but they recognised that to take their business to the next level they needed to expand into a more digital marketplace.

They wanted to focus on a London market based on their manufacturing base.

Their branding needed some rework in order to modernise their business and bring it forward into a digital age.

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The solution

We started with a full business audit in order to determine the foundations of what needed doing for Waverley.

Based on the audit we started with the branding. Waverley needed a new look and feel to bring their business forward. We created a number of options of which Waverley selected the one that they believed could improve their business. From there we then created all the brand assets and collateral.

Once the new brand was created we were able to focus on creating an excellent online presence. The website needed to be engaging and informative to the target audience. We created personas based on who Waverley wanted to attract to the website and what they needed to see on the site. We also built the website based on good SEO principles and designed pages in order to attract long tail search terms.

The website shows off all of the Waverley products and users are able to download brochures, data sheets and other information.

Once the website was complete we need to develop a marketing plan that would drive traffic to the site and ultimately generate new business. We made use of social media to keep the brand moving forward and we put in place an aggressive SEO strategy to go alongside an ambitious PPC campaign.

Waverley have embraced their new digital platform and have adapted to business in a digital age very well. Orange Squash Agency look forward to a great ongoing relationship with a progressive brand.

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