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Opendoor Church

Creating an online presence to make a church talk of the town

Ian Hoile

Opendoor Church, Leader


“I can highly recommend both the quality of Craig’s work and the ease of working with him as a person. He always provides creative ideas and practical solutions to anything we discuss together. Our website and marketing have vastly improved since we have been using Orange Squash Agency to help us.”


Opendoor Church is a Christian Church in St. Neots, Cambridgeshire and part of Catalyst and Newfrontiers. It is a community of all ages and stages of life.

They meet every Sunday morning as a church and have various activities for the wider community each week.

The problem

There were a few problems to overcome.

1. There was a lack of technical website management ability in the staff team at the church.

2. The church, whilst wanting to embrace technology, found it difficult to understand the benefits of digital marketing.

3. Changing the culture of church members to find information online.

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The solution

We needed to use a simple CMS (Content Management System) but it also needed to be relevant for church use. We decided on ChurchInsight as it is specifically designed with churches in mind. It gave us the best platform to build on and with the tools that come pre-packed in the CMS the church was ready to go with a new website really quickly.

For the design we used one of their off the shelf templates and then edited it to make the website custom to the church.

Through ongoing support the church are now embracing the new technology and using it as the hub of all their information along with social media campaigns to improve attendance at their various community events.

The church members are now using the website regularly. This has been been a cultural shift for a lot of members. This was made possible by reinforcing the message on Sunday mornings that the website is the place to find all the information about upcoming events, downloads and resources.

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