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Lending a brother a hand


Adam Jenkins is a local designer to St Neots, Cambridgeshire. He has recently gone freelance. Designing has always been a passion of his. I can honestly and proudly say that he is an excellent graphic designer and friend of the business.

His style is clean and crisp but his real niche is in vintage and handcrafted design. He believes there is just something about the raw, authentic, uneven lines that can only be achieved by pencil and ink on paper.

Something you’re guaranteed when Adam designs for you is an exceptional level of attention to detail and a quality of work and service that goes above and beyond, leaving you with a design you will love.

The problem

The design market is saturated with good (and bad) designers. Each offering very similar skills and ideas. We needed a way to set Adam Jenkins Design apart from a very saturated market. How do we drive traffic to a website in a saturated market?

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The solution

We went about really getting to understand what makes Adam Jenkins Design tick. What is it that makes his designs better than others? Why would people and businesses select him to carry out their design needs. Through this deeper understanding we were able to advise Adam on a way forward that makes him stand out in his field.

We suggested that he focus on his niche, focus on what he really enjoys and focus on the kind of work he wants to be doing. Adam loves handcrafted branding. We went about updating his website so that it hits the niche terms around vintage and handcrafted design.

Alongside this we understood that Adam is clearly a genuine people person and we needed to get that across. We directed a video for Adam to use in his marketing. It focuses on getting to know Adam but also what he is passionate about when it comes to his work.

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