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Event Branding & Design

Creating special events for your business

Get seen looking your best.

With so many brands vying for our attention, only the most innovative and entertaining will get through. Cue event branding.

Every day we are bombarded with countless marketing messages, most of which we choose to ignore. Marketing through events enables brands and companies to achieve cut-through in a dynamic, targeted and measurable way.

We provide event and brand design services that are build around core brand values, crafted to target audiences and proven to drive awareness and engagement. We also know that much of the anticipation and excitement – the all important ‘buzz’ – is generated prior to the event, so we’ve perfected our hype skills appropriately.

From e-shots and temporary websites to hand-written letters, guerrilla advertising and artfully-staged invites or spontaneous flashmobs, we have the insight and inspiration to deliver the right amount of awareness, anticipation and excitement for any event.

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